Our FAQs

Do Trademark Flooring products come with a warranty?

Each product has their own manufacturer warranty and Trademark Flooring provides a 1 year warranty on all of our installations as well.

Can you install vinyl flooring on pre existing flooring?

Yes, you can install vinyl, laminate and even hardwood flooring on top of pre existing flooring as long as the surface is even and flat.

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

In some cases laminate products are water resistant, but not always. Laminate is still a wood product, therefor it is not water proof and if water were to soak into the wood it can cause damage to the flooring.

How do I protect my flooring from scratches?

If you are installing flooring in a high traffic area or if you have pets vinyl flooring is going to be your best option, vinyl products come with a thin wear layer that helps prevent scratching and other damage to the floor. However with any kind of flooring it is always best to have small felt pads to place under furniture to prevent scratching.

How long do hard surface floors need to acclimate?

Most hard surface flooring products need to acclimate in the environment you are installing, time varies between each product however a good rule of thumb is 2-3 days.

What goes underneath vinyl planks?

Typically an underlayment is installed underneath a vinyl floor. In some cases the vinyl planks will have an attached underlay on the back of the plank, in these cases you can install the vinyl flooring directly onto the subfloor or floating over a pre existing floor. You can also purchase the underlay separately if the plank does not have one attached.